over40 skateboarding, Lock down London Session 3

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Greetings from Finsbury park,

Hope you are all keeping safe and taking care of your mental health by cautiously getting out and safely social distance skating. This session comes from a morning session at the skate park. As mentioned in the video as soon as people showed up I took the session to an empty flatground spot.

It has got me a bit down when people see me skating and social media shout at me "Stay at Home" without realising the caution I take when I venture out and the fact I am literally in a room for 23 hours with no partner or family.

Rant over, be safe and hit me up I could do with messages and social interaction.

Music by my good friend : Jeff Strodl


Skate commitment 100% on that Kickflip! F*ck yeah bro! I love how you edited this one. And I really love your board logo! Did you buy it before this pandemic or you bought it for the pandemic? SAFE

Total coincidence , my homie got me this board months ago and then set it up just before the pandemic hit