Over40 Skateboarder London Lock down Session 4 I like the night

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Evening from lock down London,

This is Session number 4 which takes place in my new local skate spot . The supermarket down the road from my house. At around 8pm when the supermarket closes I head down and see what I can land.

The music is made me, the alien and guest backing vocals from Neus Alien


Loved it bro! Feels like you are giving us a tour around London while skating. The editing and music are on point!

Thanks my dude

For real.

Classic Material :)

Thanks so much Luca sorry for late response

All good ;)


Also use the boom box tag to get a share from my homie for the music...

Following and killer job!


And for the boombox tag..


Fire! Love making connections and growing the community.

Fire music. Deserves sharing.