" I didn't ask for your tips skoach" new song played live with skateboarding

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Hi all this comes from a random band session where we had some spare time so I played this track of mine with the dudes.

The song is about skateboard coaches who will sometimes come up to you (especially if your female) and start giving you tips you didnt ask for . Here is the thing I know you are trying to be helpful but most of the time I am just trying to work it out and your advice is patronising and not pumping me up.

Instead maybe say encouraging things like "you got it !!!" that looks sick

Lyrics are

I didnt ask for your tips skoach
I am in my own head
and when you give me those tips skoach all my fun is dead

I got to figure this out skoach I appreciate your help
but when you teaching me my own trick its a very hard sell

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Yo great video guys, both the music and the skating gave me the right vibes !!
I would love to see more :D

Thanks alot man will be producing more

As ooriginal content as it can get man. Loved that effortless fs pop and damn, you own those Hurricanes dude!

Yo thanks man hope you good . will be doing some more of these as its the best way to show its my own music. Going to do a video for Davide at the end of the month!!!

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