Community Call - Let's help @Davixesk8's father with his Throat Cancer Fight

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GoFundMe Campaign

@Davixesk8, one of our oldest and most active community members needs our help

His father mr. Danilo was diagnosed with throat cancer and is giving his fight against this terrible disease

Medical Report in Spanish


English Translation of Medical Report by @Davixesk8

Specimen received: tu of left tonsil.
Gross examination
Specimen received fixed in formalin, consisting of two soft, whitish irregular fragments, measuring 0.3 by 0.2 centimeters, respectively, complete for histopathological study.
Biopsy of a left tonsil tumor.
1-. Tissue fragment lined by eroded, eroded, squamous squamous epithelium with acute inflammatory polymorphonuclear neutrophilic and chronic lymphositic cellular exudate on angiomatous stroma with cellular detritus, pressing in focal area with basal papillary apitheliomatous reaction and areas of epithelial proliferation, malignant squamous cell masses Some have a moruliform appearance, without cellular pleomorphism, with inversion of the nucleo-cytoplasm relationship and with nuclear hyperchromacy, recalling basaloid cells.
2.- bands of fibrous tissue separating tumor masses
3.- lymphotonsillary parenchyma was not observed in the sample examined.
Biopsy of left tonsil tumor lesion.
Infiltrating epithelial malignancy of left tonsil: squamous cell carcinoma, moderately differentiated, basaloid.

The public health system in Venezuela is broken and can't help mr. Danilo so the only choise is to do his therapies in a private clinic. The total cost for 40 chemo and radio therapies as well as constant monitoring of mr. Danilo's health is $10,000.

It's almost impossible to have that much money in a country like Venezuela and that's where Hive community comes in!

Expenses report in Bolivar

Let's show the power communities and help mr. Danilo with our donations

3 ways to help

  1. Donate directly to mr. Danilo via GoFundMe :

  2. Send @davixesk8 any amount of Hive and HBD

  3. Send @skatehive any amount of Hive and HBD with the memo "Donation for Danilo". After 2 weeks, we'll convert your donations in FIAT and transfer the money to mr. Danilo via GoFundMe.

You can also help us by reblogging this post so we can reach more people


Thank you all

Thank you all in advance for your donations.

We'll share an update post next week informing you about how much Hive and HBD we've raised and highlight our biggest donors.

All posts rewards and tips will go towards mr. Danilo's fight against throat cancer

@Skatehive Skateboarding Community



@skatehive Thank you for helping me with this publication, truly the union between skaters is not only skating, it goes beyond skateboarding, and with this act we are showing it.

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Friends of the community, with all my heart I ask you for some help, the truth is I do not like doing this but the truth is I am in a very difficult situation friends, share this publication, I will thank you forever.

sent you tips through our server and to this post, everything is going to be ok, together we are strong

This is what community is for! I hope you are able to raise all the funds you need. Sent what HBD I had and reblogged this post. Good luck to you and your father.

Great to see so many dozens of people in Venezuela and Nigeria getting their medical expenses paid for with Hive payouts! This blockchain is keeping a large portion of the population of those countries alive. We must keep donating and gifting and sending our money!! Thank you everybody around the world, you know how badly Nigeria and Venezuela need our $$$!


Hive is one of the very few blockchains with such strong community.

Thank you for your supporting this initiative @hempy

My sympathies @skatehive. You should also campaign in other communities. Proof of Brain is still a young token.

Hey I don't have much of a HIVE vote, but I have some POB, so keep the post up and ill keep giving POB :)

We will convert all Hive Engine token payments of this post in Hive and include them in our donation!

Thanks for the love and the reblog @failingforwards

Good work guys!

@davixesk8 I have sent you 100 Hive !
Check your wallet !
Don't Worry Be Happy !!!

Thank you brother, believe me I'm scared, cancer scares me, I'll just change to my local currency and send it to my father, thanks friend, I tell you from my heart.

That means #SKATEHIVEFAM brother !
Never give up !!

Thank you for supporting this initiative @dikayskate


I'm sending a little now but I will send more later in the week. I'm going through some pretty shitty financial issues right now and I have to wait to see if I will be paid this week. I will donate either way <3

I feel you David. This shit hits home. I lost my mother and others close to me to cancer. It can be so expensive and at times unpredictable. Sending my love man.. <333

Thank you for supporting this initiative homie! Every amount of HBD and Hive counts ❤️

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Hive Believer is at loss for words.

We have 100% voted and reblogged.

You aren’t alone. You have the Hive community at your side.

Hive Believer believes in you!!
Hive Believer believes in Hive!!
Do you believe?

Thanks a lot for the support @hivebeliever

Damn bro, tough times.. I hope everything is gonna be okay. Positive thoughts and prayers from all of us. <3

Thanks for supporting this initiative @georgeavg

I symphatize with him...How I wish I have that.

I am going to do a ten tricks for a tenner type video and highlight this , will do this at the end of the month you peeps are awesome

Thanks a lot for the support and for the upcoming video Stix ❤️

Wow, well done @skatehive for rallying all this support for this father! I’ve sent @davixesk8 some HBD. Hope it helps a bit X

❤️ f cancer

Mate awesome work for your friend's dad actually amazing and very kind of everyone involved