Trying to skate street.

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Good day everyone!

Here are a few snaps from a session last friday.
I could not go to the skatepark as I was running out of time. So I settled for this spot near our house. These days, with only a two hour time to skate, every minute count.

This first photo is a fakie nose grind. Took me a lot pf time to do because the spot was really different. There is a little slope going to the curb and if my foot position is wrong I am going down away from the curb. I figured it out and It was great!

This one is a nollie tailslide fail. Hahah. The board flew because I landed on the curb with the wheels and not the tail.

This time I did it. Nollie tails is such a fun trick especially when it slides. My nollie pop is not that high but somehow I get to land the tail in the curb.

This photo I took after the session, I was looking for a new hat. This one looks nice but I’ll buy it when the salary comes.

Thanks very much for reading!


P.S. Trying to make a little video but my tricks are weak, hahah. !! haha Peace!

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Sweet photos man and Nolie Tailslides are so much fun! I suck in Tails butI can do them Nollie tails no problem ahhahaa!

Spitfire x Vans series is DOPE! Both hats and aparrel!

street seshs are the best dude, believe me @mark0318 and that ledge is perfect to practice new tricks

#skatehive for life

It can get really scary when you land on the wheels and not lock tail in.. so i feel you bro keep on pushing your self! Every minute of skate is worth it! Skate for fun!