The feel out tricks before going all out, a mental battle.

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Good day everyone!

As the title says, These are my “feel out” tricks to get me comfortable skating new rails. As you can see, these are all the basic things learned first by every skater: Boardslides and 5050’s.

I have mentioned on my last blog that I hve not skted a rail for a long time. This session really gave me jitters. Haha. I am even scared to get a clear pop on to the rail!

I am only skating once a week and for only two hours. So I made the best out of it. I pushed through my fears and thankfully I landed tricks. It is a mental battle because I have been doing these tricks perfectly before, now suddenly I was scared to try. I got over it by thinking I only have a couple of hours,
and if I don’t get myself going, it’s going to be another week before I can skate. That was it and here are the results! Hahah

5050 got this down!

Frontside boardslide. Everyone have it!

Classic boardslide!

The mental battle.

Thanks very much for reading!


P.S. I’m glad I did it, see you next week! haha Peace!

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Nice man! Putting the 50-50's and boardslides down like a baws!

I'm such a chicken when it comes to 50-50s on rails hahaha!

I got the 5050 after a few tries but the boardslides took some time and I don’t know why. Hahaha. I’ll edit it and upload it maybe this week.

Sometimes skateboarding is weird man hahaha! Can't wait for the edit!

awesome pics, loved the angle