Quick Session today!!!

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What is up everyone!

I did a session alone today. I did not get to invite other crew because it was an unexpected session and I did not plan it at all.

Van came through but as he is on his way near to the skatepark, his bearings broke and He was not interested in fixing it. Haha. Also, he came when I was about to leave so we’ll catch up and film next time.
I also challenged him to a game of skate to see what’s new in his bag of tricks because I haven’t skated with him in a while.

Just a couple shots from the session. I hope you guys like it!





P.S.That crooks was a struggle, I’m thinking was it the height of the ledge or my pop is not that high as it used to be. hahah. Peace!

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Super sweet photos dude and I feel you about the pop! I've lost half my pop too hahaha!

I guess we need some extra excercise so we can strengthen our muscles more

Thanks bro. Been trying to skate this high ledge the second time and gathered enough courage to try some crooks. Luckily landed one or two. Hahah

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