New Park Skate Session

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Good day everyone!

Here is another session from the new park. This time I have my friend TJ to skate and film with me. We had a great day, we started at 5:50am in the morning and ended at exactly 8am. We chose to skate in the morning as the temperature is not that high. The session was productive as I get to film lines and make lines, a little sloppy but with the little time we had, we had to make the best out of it. Here are few of the snaps of the session.

5050 grind, I was going for “speed” on this one and told myself “it’s just a 5050”. Hahah, no risk at all. Glad I made it and built a line around it!
5050 collage.jpg

It is really different when you have a great filmer with you, shots like these are the best. Close and really gets you in the action. It is only a simple 5050 trick but the way it was captured makes it look like a next level trick.
5050 tubo.jpg

Little 5-0, I saw Billy trying this trick on this manual pad, I was inspired and did it. This is also part of a line.
5-0 manual pad.jpg

Here I am preparing for a line. As you can see, I am already sweating hard. We have been skating with 3 and 5 minute breaks only. We really made the best out of hour 2 hour session and the results were great!


Thanks very much for reading!


P.S. I made a video edit of this session, I’ll be uploading it soon! haha Peace!

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New skatepark looks dope man! How was the temperature when you guys skated? Like 40 Degrees Celsious? ahahaha!

TJ did a really great work with the filming Mark, especially on that 50-50! Can't wait to see the footage and super-stoked to see you keeping the skate spirit high!

Thanks man! Temperature was nice that day, only 38 degrees at 6am and slowly heating up to 40 at 8am, but by that time we already left.

Man my lines are a sloppy but I just went with it. Tj is a great filmer, so i tried to land every line. And it’s been 6months since I last skated with him, so I had to make the session worth it.