Tricklist Episode 6 (Day 2) - Trying the Crooked Nollie Hellflip out

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Giving up is not an option when learning new #skateboarding tricks so here I am once again trying to learn the Crooked Nollie Heelflip out.


If you've watched the previous #Tricklist episode then you know that I failed landing a Crooked Nollie Heelflip out on my first attempts but this time things went way smoother.

I had more time to practice this trick and I was feeling the adrenaline pumping in my body!

Did I roll away? Click play and find out

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Tricklist Episode 6 (Day One) :

Music : The Ethiopians - No Baptism extended with version 2

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Brother who is close, you are almost about to fall it, something tells me that the tube can rotate faster brother, I hope you achieve it I want to see it.

Yeah man, gonna get it the next time I try it! The thing that troubles me is how to pop the Nollie Heelflip out. It is so fucking hard G but I think I can do it! Next is the Crooked Nollie flip out!