Tricklist Episode 10 - Fs Tailslide Flip Out

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A Tailslide is not such a hard trick for most skaters but this is not the case for me or actually this was not the case for me 'till today.


In this Tricklist episode I tried landing a Tailslide Flip out and man it was a tough one.
I think this is the first time I tried a trick for so many hours continuously and it was also so hot outside which made my "job even harder".
Wanna find out what happened? Did I land the Fs Tailslide Flip out?

Click play and find out

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Music : Richie Rich - Dont Do It

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My brother, I would like to see what it feels like to do a tailslide fs, it looks very funny and that flip out is okay, I liked it, and I'm glad you did it.

Thanks G! It wasn't perfect but it wasn't the worst either! I learnt proper Fs Tailslides today and they feel f*cking amazing bro!

I thought it was a hard trick but it isn't man for real! You can definitely do it!

Hell yea bro it's a land! I see your videos on Instagram and give em a watch, I'm glad to see you're still pumping em out on here and living your dream!
Much love!

Thanks a lot Nick! Skatehive keeps me "busy" as hell so thank you all guys for your motivation 😁

Let's gooo brooo another crazy thing down now that you're living the city i hope i can replace you by landing some insane tricks i don't want to spoil but I'm thinking about one of my new tricks on the grass gap this Friday 😉

Hahaha! Let's see what you got man! It's been some days since you shared some clips so I am eagerly waiting for your next post!

I honestly hope you'll like it since school started and all the footage for it is about 2 hours i try to make better videos rather than more videos trying to improve quality too

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