RAW Footage for Aprils "Skatehive Monthly Edit"

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Here are some clips I filmed exclusively for Aprils "Skatehive monthly edit" in the streets of #SKG in Greece.

I had a blast skating every single fucking spot I in my way and feel really prouf for that Heelflip at the end. Took me more than 30 tries, fucked up my board, scratched my whole back but in the end I rolled away clean AF.

Big ups to my homie @georgeavg for the filming ❤️


Watch on LBRY

(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/Skatehive_Edit_2/a6c4f96824ba249b702c692d89d73c7753cb61d4?r=kvwHoVWQAPm4ubCJG77ULhuzH4641Evd)

(Unsupported https://emb.d.tube/#!//('files':('ipfs':('vid':('240':'QmRJ2MxaYMFaCqj5EeGNVv3iaQ3E4UDrs4w3HgryQn7Hs8','480':'QmXCBRDyBA9KLi6rmWPsiqbZanmZGS9fBrReniQvQDDjLC','src':'QmevwRg4r1x2YDLKuThqjXeDvSYhztDRe68muNvQ2jnvgV'),'img':('118':'Qmai6VK8fiN9ZPLNk8ykwjYSTKvUA95BCcccSX4BjWo7cx','360':'QmYVdVw7XfX5QyxNiEDWmD9dArmuqtBVFtuDS5Fv6yjAjY','spr':'QmTAVs9kFvfZJ3o7GFMfzwZto2MtoPnbRWRWKpUaGsqvuM'),'gw':'https:!!player.d.tube')),'dur':'85','nsfw':0,'oc':1,'thumbnailUrl':'https:!!snap1.d.tube!ipfs!Qmai6VK8fiN9ZPLNk8ykwjYSTKvUA95BCcccSX4BjWo7cx'))


Wow! The heel flip is something, but I'm always a fan of heel checks and hippie jumps 😁

Haha, thanks man! That Heelflip was a hard one to get!

So stocked to see that all the clips turned out to be fire.
Great job big bro :D :D :D :D

Thanks a ton for the filming and your patience man hahaha! Definitely worth it!

Worth it indeed, much more to come bro 😎😎