Late Afternoon Session at Ioannina Skatepark

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It was hard to get clips but it sure was fun! I am talking about yesterday's #skateboarding sesh at #Ioannina city skatepark!


The place was too crowded to record more but I did got away with some tricks at the "grass gap", a line and a new trick off the Kicker!

Enjoy folks

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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What a good session, I really like how you do the tricks and that nollie inward was very great, keep it up, friend.

Thanks Ramon! It was a nice session indeed. I haven't done a Nollie Inward Heel of something for a long time and it felt f*cking good!

Hope you guys are ok there and skating as much as you can.

imagine making nollie inward heelflip fs boardslide bro off a dream trick.

Hahaha! The flatbar at the skatepark is too tall to try this one but I think that I might be able to do it in a smaller flatbar!

I tried it one day and I couldn't commit to land on the Fs Board! Such a hard trick man!

Fire session my G, clean 360 kickflip and varial kickflip, sick nollie inward heelflip, keep destroy my G.

THanks bro! Really loved the Nollie inward heel too! Haven't done it down stuff for some time now!
Glad you liked the session G! Much love and #SKATEFORHIVE

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