Back in the Streets of #SKG

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What's better than spending the afternoon street skateboarding at a city which has a ton of spots to offer?

Me and some local skated ST. Dimitrios church and a really sweet 3-stairs curb to downhill, got away with some sweet clips and of course had a blast!

Enjoy & #SKATEHIVE For Life

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Ayyyy dude that 5-0 was so sick!! Fuck yeah. That first spot looks super fun

Ante geiaaaa re bro, ante geia, gamas!!!!

Xaxaxaxa! Chill clips brother!

haha woow that plaza looks awesome to skate all day and do a lot of fucking firing lines @knowhow92
bs five 0 is perfect but I thing that the best feeling is surfing with powerslides at the downhill

Yeah man! Haven't bombed a hill for some time now so it felt fucking great hahaha! I know you love this kinda of shit Pablo 🤘

Gonna check out the video in a little bit but damn that stair set looks awesome, I’ve always loved the look of the one going down hill like that but never found one. Looks like a lot of fun dude!

Yeah man, this was the first time I skated a spot like this one too! Felt so rewarding riding down that hill after the 5-0!

Nothing beats a good old street skateboarding sess hehhe!

psss gamatos!!! vaze pin sto google maps sto kinito sou ola ta spot pou vriskeis!

Erxete efarmogh gia spots se sinergasia me skatehive. Stay tuned...

????? Entaxei vre xari ti mas etoimazete gamw to feleki moy😲😲😂
#skatehiveforlife 🚀🌑