Just a Line | b2b

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Hello to everyone!

Welcome to another post on my Blog.
Today I will show you a small line, two times, back 2 back!

just a line b2b thumbnail.png

Press the Play Button and Enjoy it !

(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/Just-a-small-line-b2b/a374dce5dabaeb9deb7529c7edaa2a8f078db19b?r=juJ8evLZKgmKweNcQt74tRUnzHpjjXim)


your half cab flips are sick!!!

Thank you brooo!
It's because I practice it the whole time!

Lines with skate is the most fun part keep it up!

Man, you are really working on your Kicklflips, don't you? Oh, and did I just see a Nollie 180? Working on your Nollies too?

How about you Kickflip down the 4 stairs at Eleousa city hall for your next video? 😉

I don't know bro!
Stay tuned as a nollie flip or a sw flip can land!