The day my favorite skater became a PRO SKATER, I was very happy for him.

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Hello friends, how are you welcome to another little vlog, yesterday I shared a video from many years ago of one of my favorite skaters, without a doubt I really enjoy watching him skate it is a style that draws a lot of attention, today I want to share with you the one video where he becomes pro for the PRIMITIVE SKATEBOARD brand, which unfortunately is no longer there, is an APRIL rider, but I share this video because it is very emotional.

Being pro for PRIMITIVE



I am not the owner of any of these videos, I share them so that you know a little more about my favorite skater and the videos in which I have appeared, I simply hope you enjoy these 3 videos so cool friends.



One of the best to ever do it brother!
His April part is so good! I love how high Diego pops! THat Fs Blunt fs bigpin out at the end was off the hook yo along with the 360 flip over the fence! WTF DIEGO?

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