My New grip custom eren jaeger from attack on titans. SKATEHIVE-ARTS.

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Hello friends, welcome to another post, the truth is that I still can't upload video the internet is bad and the truth is that it bothers me a bit because I want to upload my videos, but the truth is I like to write a little, for you.

I'm about to assemble my new board and I wanted to customize my griptape with EREN JAEGER, without a doubt one of the best anime characters I've seen, it's called Attack on Titan.

And I wanted to draw it with a white concealer, I'm not an artist or anything like that, but I think it looks great, it will look great on my PRIMITIVE board.


I will leave you some images, a pity that in my country they do not sell special markers for sandpaper, I would love to customize all my sandpaper, but I am sure that with this corrector it looks good, I hope you enjoy the images.

Soon I will show you my new table.






That a sick griptape design G! Didn't know you were into anime!

Attack on Titans rocks!

I like some but the truth is, I think that attack on the titans is my favorite, I will have the power of eren when riding the new G board !!!

HELL YEAH BROOOOOOOO! Eren style Bs bigspin off the ramp incomiiiiing!

Awesome drawing bro!
Keep impressing us bro!

Thanks my little G!!
I see that you have advanced a lot in skateboarding brother I know you will continue to advance and learn tricks, thank you for your comment.

Thank you so much my Big G haha!!
Comments like this motivate me a lot, thanks again!

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I love the design