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Hello friends, welcome to another blog, I can not upload videos yet but that will not prevent me from making my posts.

In today's post I will leave you some captures of the video.

I know I do a lot of tricks on the rail as well as on the box, but for a while now, I decided to do tricks on the Little curb, in this session I managed to do 4 tricks that I have never fallen into this fun little module.

They may be very easy tricks but it doesn't take away from the fun of doing tricks in this place.

In my first video in this place I managed to make a Bs Boardslide and Fs boardslide 270.

Now I will leave you the captures of the tricks that I managed to do this session, I know that when I upload the video you will enjoy it a lot.

Switch Fs Boardslide.


Nollie Fs Lipside 180 out.


Switch Bs Boardslide 180 out.


This last trick took me a few minutes to do and the truth left my hip hurting a lot, I did my best to show it in a sequence I hope it can be appreciated.

Switch Bs Boardslide 270 out.

2 (1).png




Forgot some tags there man. But here's a vote anyways to keep you rolling.

Blaze it and keep skating.

some labels like which? brother thanks for the vote and the comment.

I totally didn't see you posted in the community and thought you missed out on posting the tag...

Oops my bad here's a vote because I made a mistake

Here's a vote, because I should be out skating, but have not touched a board in years.

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Thanks brother, remember that it is never too late to go back to the table.


Niiiiiiiiiiice bro!Looks like a very clean one! Loved the sequence!

Ain't curbs like this super-fun to skate? I used to skate a curb that small every day for a week or more just because it was so easy and fun! You can try anything! Switch lipslide maybe?!?

Switch lipside sound good! That curb is really very funny, I had it for a long time and I never tried to use it, I would like to see Ramon trying it.

on the ramp I would like to try sw ollie and then go for a sw flip like "Shane oneill" haha I tried to do half cab and my board went off and I was flying the other way.

Hahahha! G, Switch flip is gonna be epic! Go get it brother!

Going fakie in objectiveslike this one is so hard G!

Before skating that module I thought I could do a caballerial, But when I tried I saw that it was all crazy.