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RE: Nail it dude !!!! Fun curb session with some Pantera footage

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Very cool! The editing makes it interesting to watch, just curious what the footage of the man yelling is from. What is he yelling about? It doesn't really mater. Skateboarding is a challenge, I used to ride a bit when I was younger but never did get very good at tricks. Now I just longboard because it is a smooth ride and and an enjoyable way to travel.


Yo thanks man the footage of the dude yelling is from a Pantera video they used to do these home videos on their tours so I was watching one and dug those bits of footage. The first one is Dimebag Darrell telling the fan to nail a shot and the other footage (of the guy yelling) is some christians who were telling them off. The guy started yelling for some reason hahaha

I should have known. Rest in peace Darrell