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Hello everyone. Hope you are having a good day. This is my first time posting in the chess community, so let me give a brief introduction.

My name is Opeyemi, I'm known as @b0s on the blockchain. My lichess username is Da_k1ng, I can't really remember how the name came about. I just wrote anything that came to mind because I was rushing to create the account and they kept on telling me "username already exists" or something like that.


Chess has been a come and go thing in my life. No matter how long I stop playing it always finds me. I learned how to play when I was in secondary school (high school). I went to a boarding school, so anytime we were In the hostel(dormitory) and we were bored, we would get a flat wooden surface draw a chess board on it. Then we would fold paper and write the names or ask someone who can draw to sketch each piece. That was how I started playing. I wasn't always the best but I was quite good.

After secondary(high) school I stopped playing for a while. Then one of my school friends hit me up and asked if I wanted to play chess. He then showed me lichess. We were able to round up a small group of friends and started playing again. But after a couple weeks, everyone got busy and we all just stopped playing.

It was until just last week I saw a post by @chessbrotherspro on my feed, from there I was able to locate this community and participate in last week's Friday tournament.Luckily for me the Friday and Saturday tournaments fit right into my schedule.

I honestly don't know my exact rating, I'm rusty from taking a big break from chess, but that's one of the reasons I'm joining this community to be better than before.

Here's a link to the last game I played If you are interested


Other than the fact that I won, another reason I chose to share this game is because after the game. I told my opponent "good game" and here's what happened.


I honestly don't know what I did, I just said ok. I think he's just being salty but if you watch the game and tell me what I did wrong I'll be very grateful.

Honestly, in that particular game we were both playing nonsense. I was just able to knick the win.

Anyways, thank you for reading this post, your support and feedback is greatly appreciated. Have a great day

N/B: All photos in this post are screenshots I took from my phone.


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