Anyone else noticed Events Calendar going live on Cryptobrewmaster?

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I didn't start playing Cryptobrewmaster game right after it was launched. After all -- I thought -- what do I know about brewing beer? Bad logic, of course. What do I really know about warfare, exploring space, criminal world or fighting monsters, to name some game experiences I am or was involved with on the blockchain?

The argument that convinced me weeks after the game was launched to get involved was that it only takes a few clicks a day to play it.

So here I am 'brewing' beer every day. I even know by heart all the 5 ingredients that make up the beer recipe. :) You don't believe me? Here we go: brewing water, fermentables, lager yeast, local aroma hops and local bittering hops. See?

Anyway, new players who join the game will see there are still many 'locked' areas on the game's nice looking interface. As the game is developed further, more of these areas are unlocked.

Yesterday, I noticed one of these areas which just became unlocked:

Events Calendar

You can find it in the Pub (see the glowing object in the image below, next to the bartender):

And if we click on the Events calendar, we see there's already an event on the calendar named 'BusyBee', which started yesterday and will end up on Friday:

By clicking on the event you reach a page with details about it and from there you can go see the prizes and the rankings.

Someone might ask what is the purpose of the game. You click daily to brew virtual beer to what end.

Well, the beer you brew you can sell at fixed prices, based on beer quality. Payments are done with the in-game token called CBM.

This token has real value, and it's traded on Hive-Engine. The only limitation is that you need 1000 of them before you can withdraw to Hive-Engine to sell some.

I've been playing for up to two weeks, not sure exactly when I started, and I currently have about 430 CBM in my game account.

After looking on Hive-Engine, that is currently valued at around 24.5 HIVE. Not that bad for a few clicks a day, I believe.

Some days ago, maybe more than a week, I saw an announcement of a real-world event Cryptobrewmaster was holding. In essence, participants sponsored the brewing of real beer in a real brewery and were guaranteed a 20% return after the beer was sold. I'm quoting from memory above, but I'm not distorting the message, hopefully.

That's quite cool! A game with a bidirectional link with the real world. Often games imitate the real world, but this time it can actually influence it too.

If you are like me two weeks ago and didn't get involved with the game yet, give it a try. I'd appreciate if you use my referral link if you do:


What do I really know about warfare, exploring space, criminal world or fighting monsters, to name some game experiences I am or was involved with on the blockchain?

ahahahahahaha That gave me a good laugh... I'm also fighting with monsters in the criminal world, with swords in the name of the Holy bread... with a beer in my hand...

I'm also fighting [...] with a beer in my hand...

That's great! At least we won't die of thirst! :)

I did not notice till I read your post, didn't notice the leader board was live either. lol

Understandable really, one can get used to a certain routine and stop paying attention to changes, unless they are notified about them.

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