An Unexpected Surprise!

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         I noticed I had some "mail" in @cryptobrewmaster this morning. So, I went ahead to check out what was it about.

         I didn't know there was an event happening. It looked like I missed some important updates. In an ironic way, I have been too busy to even notice that changes happened to the game. What does "1 place" even mean? Does that mean I won first place or "a rank" during the event? Ignore the weird timestamp for a bit, I like the concept.

         Looking around the chain, I realized I haven't been paying attention at all. I pretty much stumbled into first place of the Busy Bee event by pure accident. Then again, I'm not subscribed to the game's Discord server as I'm already in too many. It's starting to become a drag how many Discord servers I am in thanks to Hive.

         The point is that there are now events that reward players with ingredients and whatnot. And these events encourage players to perform certain tasks within the game. Well, I'll be taking a peek at them here and there from now on to gain some freebies.

         Speaking of freebies, I haven't spent anything on the game yet. I've been a free-to-play player clicking away whenever I can. This is actually made easier by my work schedule.

         It wasn't too long ago when @cryptobrewmaster released the leaderboard for our amusement. How did I even become one of the top brewers in the game? We shall never know. For now, I will enjoy the spots until players start to automate or specialize in the game. That is, if they aren't doing it already.

         Anyways, it's a laid back and casual game. I like it for its simplicity.



I do not understand several parts of the game - they say complete quests and tasks - but where are tasks?

I don't think Tasks are active yet.

So, that's why I'm a bit confused about the wide gap between people's Busy Bee scores.

Yes, that was also my impression - are there any FAQs?

Don't think so. Wouldn't be here writing about it if I could find stuff on Discord or Telegram.

I also had a strange missing step 4 in my referrals

Screen Shot 20200925 at 19.47.38.png

I thought that was intentional?

I wouldn't know.

I am wondering what made you so busy? Did you spend much time on the account? Did you constantly completed the daily quests, 24/7? I am also during day almost every now and then checking for the quests, but my place on the "busy bee" contest was no. 600 or so. I must have missed something :)

I didn't do anything different intentionally.

To be frank, I don't even know how I got there. Just like this week, I'm not doing anything different, but I'm somehow in the 60s.

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Congratulations :)
Any idea what these guys do?

Haha I have no clue.

This makes me want to learn more about the game during my off week.

I’ve been very casual about this game since I picked it up.

That's pretty cool to know. Yopu are warmly invited to visit my blog.

It's a free-to-play game. You should try it.

What an awesome and welcome surprise! It's the little things like that that really make all of this worth it sometimes. At least for me anyway. You were solidly in the top three. Very cool!

Haha, probably gonna dip now.

There are various things about the game that mystify me. I would hope more features will appear soon. There need to be things to spend your tokens on or people will just cash out. I have reported a few issues with bad English and also the bug with wrong dates on the messages. It seems to be down for maintenance right now, so I hope he's fixing stuff.

Yeah, it’s the quest glitch again.


Now that I have talked about it, I probably will never get first place again. Lol

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