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RE: The Horrors of Kwiksave: Christmas is Coming

Yup, been in few hell holes myself and one even feels dirty all of the time.
They all have cockroach bosses that only care about one thing, money.
Look at those toilets and see what greed does to people.

Yet kudos to you for you stuck it out for a few years. Much better than I did.


I had to stick it, there was nothing else out there at the time.. unemployment was high and the country was in a bad state.

Well great of you to stick with it.
I had the same situation with 3 small kids when the construction sector slumped. Became a cigarette machine technician and worked at BAT for 5 years. Fortunately things were kept very clean, but a most boring job.

BAT = British American Tobacco? Got some shares in that company, the minute I bought them, they slumped massively!

Sorry to hear that and that's why I don't deal in shares.