theinkwell fiction challenge | I AM NOT A MURDERER

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My name is Alex a business man who is popularly known in the society and also well popular among people and my society.

Ade is my close friend from childhood who we together do the same business which involves buying computer accessories from a part of the country where it is cheap and reselling it in another part of the country at a high price.

We have been moving together for the past twenty years doing business together and everybody in the community know us as best friend which is very true.

We are always open to ourselves and get to share secret with ourselves also so in as much looking at it, I can say best friend is an understatement.


On this faithful day I was ill so i was not able to go with him on my business trip but actually I really need to buy some goods to resell because my store is currently getting empty due to my stocks getting run out.

So I contacted him and to my surprise, he was planning to go for his business trip. So I made up my mind he is going to help me out with that and help me buy my goods over there since he is my best friend which I really trust.

I transferred the money to him which I was planning to use to buy the goods on the business trip around $50,000 and send him all the details of the goods I will be buying and the quantity of each with full description.

Though this will be the first time I will send him or ask him that request. But to touch sincere, I am confident and trusted him so I have no reason to be disappointed by him since he is my close and best friend which I have trusted for years nothing less than 20 years.

The day of the delivery for the goods was supposed to be on Monday but around Wednesday I am still yet to get my goods.
Waiting patiently in anticipation that it will get delivered, finally it got delivered around Saturday which I was happy of and decided to check my goods.

With my greatest surprised, I found out that the goods delieved was only of quantity worth $30,000. I was surprised and shock looking at the goods. How possible is it that I sent for $50,000 goods but $30,000 goods was delivered.

I tried reaching my best friend number but all to no avail, it was switched off, I went to his house countless time, but whenever I am in his house, I am always told he is no around. I was surprised at the new attitude I just saw in him. The best friend I knew some time ago has just changed and seems unavailable to access. I went to his favourite spot where he sometimes get to relaxed and have a great time which we normally called club and to my biggest surprised, I saw him there taking a bottle of beer and chilling.

I looked around and went just straight forward to him. I greeted him politely and we exchange pleasantries which after that I explained to him about the goods.
I told him everything and how I saw the amount of goods delieved low compared to the amount I was expected.

His response was what got me surprised and I was like am I dreaming.
He said.
"Don't be surprised friend, I used the remaining one for the transportation fees"

I shouted in exclamation.
" How can you use $20,000 for transportation fee. A whole $20,000??

He responds
"Is that too much to use"

Now I know something is wrong somewhere I said silently to myself. As I look around and see how it goes. I have no option than to change my attitude to him and perhaps tried to threatened him perhaps I will see my money out.

"Ade! I give you 2 days to produce my remaining balance to me. My $20,000 or else, you will be a dead man"
As I said these words out of my mouth with an angered tone, I walked out of him.

Getting home, I am still surprised, how can my best friend I have trusted for years did this to me. How can he dump him, how can he betray me. These thoughts of Question just keep coming to my mind and trying to find answer to it.

In disappointment, I tried to get some sleep but I guess I am far from the Dreamland. The more I tried to get some sleep, the more I remember How Ade treated me.

Finally after so much trying, I got some sleep and yes. I finally slept.
Two days past as usual and in anticipation, I was waiting for him to step his foot inside my house and return my remaining $20,000 balance to me.

But in surprised, I heard a knock at my door and I was really convince it must be him but to my surprised, when I open the door, I saw three police officers standing at my door.
I looked and I reply them.
"Yes what can I do for you"
They reply
"We are from the kuke police station"
"Yes hope no problem" I respond.

In shock response I got from them.
" You are under arrest for the murder of your friend Ade"
I was suprised "Me, Murder Ade how"
They respond.
" It was find out that you threatened your friend to give you the remaining balance he own you within 2 days or else he will be dead"
I reply
" Yes I did that but I was just threatening him only, I didn't mean it. Infact I didn't do anything"
They respond
" You have every right to remain silent or whatever you say will be used against you in the court of law"
As I looked myself been handcuffed by the police officers, I shouted
"Please I am not a murderer"
"Please I didn't kill him"
" Please I am not a murderer"

I was still shouting that I am not a murderer when I wake up from my dream. Whole and behold, I have been dreaming all this while. I look at myself, I look up and I look at the bed, the question I asked myself is Can this be real? So I have been dreaming all this while. But it look so real.
I look up again and I say out of appreciation.

"Thank you Lord that it was a dream"