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Reminiscing the times of my life I've decided to drop these few lines and stanzas. I hope it serves as a check to all and sundry.


Just like a vanilla ice cream, a sweet smile
might last for a while
But it's a sun at noon
That will soon vamoose for the moon.

A louder laugher is an improvised tent.
In which I've once enjoyed the day but missed the twilight
Life itself is a combo of palms and willows
Atimes it's merry, not long it appears to mellow.

Nothing lasts forever
Not Winter, Spring or Summer!
Even life is a vapour
that will leave this earthly habour

But for each moment of bliss
With it, do not toy please
Because sorrow stares from an angry distance
It hates to see you dance.

Even if you've failed
Don't let your hopes get nailed
You can still rise to be a wonder
Nothing lasts forever.



Welcome to the The Ink Well and thank you for posting.
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Thanks a lot for the warm reception... it's my first time here, Still scouting around for to find my footing. I'll sure appreciate any heads-up