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Task One

In your post, take what you learn about each of the three characters from the dialogue in the extract below and then develop them until you have a paragraph describing the character more fully.

Rosemund Trudy's big earrings jangled along the black ringlets that made up her hair as her sky-blue eyes sparkled with confidence. Known as Roe by her friends and close clients; she truly believes that she inherited her grammy’s psychic abilities of being able to read people and the path they should be taking in their current lifetime. Curiously enough, Roe has garnered quite the clientele in their little town of Gatsburg but is still trying to convince Cole of her “magical prowess”.

Nicolette Entale, or Cole as she prefers to be called instead, chooses to tag along with Roe’s dubious antics for childhood’s sake especially after Betty left their supposed trio (and town) without a word nearly a decade ago. With her pale blonde hair and slate-gray eyes, Cole has always considered herself as the wallflower of the group and is more than happy to fill her time running Gatsburg’s Town Library and reading through the many treasures hidden among the shelves—Books: They’re the only answers to finding one’s true path in life. Now where does she find the perfect book to convince Roe to stop persistently claiming that their new townfolk, is in fact their MIA childhood friend, Betty Grainger.

Bethany “Betty” Grainger, the redheaded Rambo that completed their childhood trio, left town along with her family nearly a decade ago without so much as a goodbye to her bestfriends. But now she’s back with a bang, planning to take the first step in her political career in the town of Gatsburg, which leaves a lot of questions needing answers. Is she really the same Betty that Roe and Cole once knew?

Task Two

Write a short dialogue, like the one above, no more than 70-100 words, where two characters are talking about a third one. What can you reveal about your characters in your dialogue?

“Yes! I’m serious that it’s her! It’s in her eyes— and aura. Can’t ever go wrong with those, no matter how much you’d get yourself done!” Roe confidently declared as she slapped the table’s surface, promptly gaining the attention of some of the diners. Fortunately, Betty wasn’t one of them.

“I don’t know Roe.. Betty wasn’t the type to want attention on herself like that lady over there…” Cole silently gestured, now shy of the unwarranted attention, as she spoke to Roe, “I mean, that woman looks just—Wow!”

“I’m positive it’s her and I’m gonna prove it to you!”


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The Ink Well Fast and Furious Festival - Day One


Greetings, @iamraincrystal. I'm a little late to the comments.
I liked your perspective of delivering the characterization of the characters in a global and intertwined way at the same time, (that includes the reason for your dialogue). I found that resolution efficient. Apparently it is a very diverse "trio". Roe mystic, Cole rational (a bit overdone both) and Betty independent. Don't you think that in trios there is always someone who seems to be left over?

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It's interesting that in the description of your characters you haven't included age, I think you're the first to do that.

I liked your dialogue, especially the firmness and security of the man. He really liked that woman 🤣👏 @iamraincrystal

Hey iamraincrystal 👋 How's things? It has been a while.

Great character descriptions; a psychic, a bookworm and a political powerhouse. Quite a combination 😉

It is interesting the way you continued the dialogue from theinkwell post, sticking with those characters and further developing it to express the back story you created.

Nice 🙂

Wow! What a creative write up? It's really impressive, you indeed deserve a kudos! 😃 😉👍

That's if it was a 180-degree turn, I didn't expect the story to turn into something like that. I like the creativity contained in the dialogue, it even leaves you wanting to know more.

Three friends :D
I can see how they all fit into the jigsaw puzzle of friends loved & lost
Funny, my second character was in the shadows of the first

If I had my name was Nicolette, I too would go with Cole... it's actually pretty cool :D

And hey, you continued the dialogue into task 2 - clever :D

Appreciate you @bhattg :)

I would like to think that in the first task we were given, it was easy for us to craft a description with the three characters being friends, maybe at some point in their lives.

Hahaha. And Why do I feel like you got a head up from task one to write your dialogue? I loved it though. You know, it feels good when you could easily spot an old friend or a passer-by by mere looks, no matter how much make over they undergo. Gives you this kind of confidence in your memory. Great job.