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RE: The Horrors of Kwiksave: Christmas is Coming

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God. I was an overnight stocker at Walmart. My first day, 22 new people were supposed to start, but only 2 of us showed up. You can imagine what it was like.

The sly veteran employees would take the easy areas, and give us new guys hard stuff like Pets (think hundreds of tiny cans of cat food), Sporting Goods (tiny fishing lures and hooks all stuck together) and Groceries (think heavy gallons of water, juice and canned goods).

They gave us almost useless workers. I was given a teeny tiny girl, just under 5ft tall as my partner in groceries. Because she was so short, she couldn't reach the upper shelves, meaning I had to do them.

She couldn't lift anything heavy, which left me doing all the water and most of the canned goods. I may as well have been working alone.

After two months of exhausting myself, I'd had enough. They cycle through new people like water now. Thank goodness I got out of Walmart! :)


Walmart bought out Asda in the UK, that was my first job. I tell you it was heaven compared to Kwiksave!