[Replay] Live! - Stellaris - Chilling with a Grand Admiral Random Empire run!

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Watch my last broadcast on VIMM:

(Unsupported https://www.vimm.tv/embedview/d15TaKGRzFbs?autoplay=1&mute=1)

Watch on VIMM!
# Live everyday from 7PM BST!

About me

I'm a variety gaming streamer from the united kingdom! I tend to stream on a casual basis so I don't take things too seriously but I still try to maintaining a quality stream.

Currently I stream Satisfactory, Stellaris, Terraria, Path of exile, Snowrunner, They are Billions as my main go to games but will also from time to time switch it up a bit with something else.

I also may sometimes stream coding work and other random nonsense off my usual schedual if I happen to feel up to it.

I usually announce on twitter when I'm live so be sure to follow me there and also retweet my announecment tweets, It helps a lot!

If you missed some streams you can usually find a VoD post shortly after my stream ends, these expire after 7 days so check them out before then!

I also have highlights posted on 3speak if you fancy checking those out. Links below!

So drop by and say hi!

Where to find me:

PeakD | hive.blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch.tv | 3Speak

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