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It's been a while, but we are back into the Inner Sphere battlefields with RogueTech and Bengy's Blobs! The monthly bill is coming due... it's going to be a tight one this time! Sigh, and I had some Mechs to outfit!

I am mostly a PC Master Race gamer with a heavy emphasis on RPG, turn based tactics and strategy gaming. However, I do enjoy the occasional FPS shooter or walk-em-up. Third person stuff I'm not quite so keen on, but if it is a good game, then it is a good game! I used to do a fair bit of online League Of Legends, Team Fortress 2 and Counterstrike, but then I got too old and slow (well, I also started to tire of the hamster wheel and craved a return back to narrative driven games).

Games that I'm playing at the moment are BattleTech (with RogueTech mod), Fallout 4 (I know, not the best one...), Divinity: Original Sin, Vampyr, Pillars of Eternity, Stellaris, and Oxygen Not Included. However, I will just as often be playing an indie or non-AAA game as I'm always on the lookout for well crafted stories and gameplay!

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