these and that and maybe a bit of i dont know :D

in VIMMlast month


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Aloha Folks,
im back with my new Graphicscard!!!


So im on VIMM and TWITCH online , lets see how it works out :D

Hopp in and gimme some feedback about Quality and stuff

normally no shoutouts but today its all diffrent :D

You want to drop me into a handicap... for a 5€ Danation you can choose one of the masks behind me i need to wear the next round ( Warzone ) or the next 15 Min. :D

Send a Paypalrequest and type into the CHAT which mask you choose !

Pipboy - Alien - Hockey - Clown - HORRORCLOWN - Vendetta - Neonmask

Mein Splinterlands reflink :

"Stay a while and listen"

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dont have Paypal but some Cryptocurrency
want to support me with some Cryptos

Want a cidermug or a Mousepad ??
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