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RE: PhotoBomb Challenge # 144: Three Entries

in PhotoBomb Challenge7 months ago

Haha! That is really funny. This sounds like a cool challenge. Will the challenge completely end tomorrow or are they just taking a break saying who the winners are and then continue on?

When you mentioned what the title should be, do you need to put the number of times you participated to the challenge?

If the announcement of winners will be on Thursday, does it continue on, on Friday?

Are you saying you can only participate to this challenge 3 times ever, or just 3 times for the week?

This challenge sounds really cool! Maybe I will participate too! I love your creativity! 😁


Hi @jadeaca. Thanks. Please do enter this week using the same image I did. I think you would have fun creating something funny,.

This challenge I did just started and will be finished next Thursday with the image provided.

From what I gather you are allowed up to three entries for each challenge. Most people have three and put them in one post but you could just enter one if you liked.

Looking forward to see what you come up with.🙂

Thanks, that sounds cool. Surely I will participate some time. :)