(WATCH NOW) Live music from the Postbeat Workshop - DAVE McKAIG sings 'Hello, Again'

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Ladies and Gentlemen! I present the majestic Dave McKaig as our very first Talent Showcase, doing a gorgeous cover of Tommy Bolin's 'Hello Again'

Ok, so the video wasn't live...but the recording was! Isn't he wonderful? And now for the story......But how did it all happen....?

The Postbeat crew were just maudling about in the Abode, minding their own business, when in CRASHED McKaig like a shamanic cowboy, fresh from the pub and keen to lay down some smokey vocals. He was not about to wait for no technicians and Shyboy B scrambled to get the studio operational while McKaig cracked right on. Fortunately, by the time he got round to this beautiful cover of 'Hello, Again' by Tommy Bolin, everything was in order and Mr D was sliding up and down the Keys like a magic man. Id go so far as to say it beats the original.....by all means disagree, but this be givin' me the chills! So much so, we shot some more video to try to honour the FOG chief as best we could. Full kudos to Luke 'Clear the Set' McKaig who brought the shoot to life with the clinical eye of a prison doctor.

The Postbeat are making a big effort this year to get our local musicians recorded, and give them videos to share online. We are doing all of this for free because we believe that artists shouldnt have to face huge costs to deliver their magical talents to the world (most of them are too broke and disorganised to ever get round to it!) So we hope that in time, the community who love the music and videos we are sharing will support us financially through sites like Steemit and Patreon, so that we can continue to deliver the wonderful artists from our local area to a wider audience around the world!

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Thankyou so much for watching!
Peace and Love


I don't know the song, but I'm loving it.

its great isnt it? i didnt know it before...but i love it now. I think this is better than the original though!

The video embeds on Steemit, but not on Steempeak. You might want to look into that.

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