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RE: Tall Tales: An Engage The Weekend Game

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Absolutely a great contest idea. I'm going to need to rack this old brain of mine to see if I have absolutely anything that even comes close to that!


Doesn't have to be close. Or even crazy. Just three stories and ones a lie. The more plausible they are the harder they are to figure out which ones the imposter.

We look forward to your stories. And to see which one of mine you think is not true

I'm still giving my stories some thought! Struggling with this. As for yours, I'm thinking that Story 1 is the tall tale; that just never happens. Never. I hope. Because it has never happened to me. Dude, if this one is real, I'm going to be super jealous.

And waking up to a celebrity or seeing ufos like clockwork on every fishing trip is any more believable? I tell you if number 1 is true then im the biggest wus ever. I mean what guy would walk away from that? You sure the ufo story isn't the fake one. Or maybe the unnamed celebrity.

I wanna hear your stories! Tell us some tall tales! They don't have to be as elaborate as mine. Maybe just some simple facts.

Come on mate, get those cogs turning...If you smell a slight burning smell it's ok...Situation normal. Lol.

Haha! More than a slight burning smell, I assure you. Been thinking about this all day!

When flames appear you've thought too much. 🤣