Weekend-Engagement #20___An Hour With The Departed

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If given the chance, I chose to spend time, even for an hour with my departed ones this weekend. I've already lost three of them: My eldest daughter, next to her was my eldest son and the third,my hubby. It will be a joint meeting of the departed and the parted.

I would like to ask for forgiveness, that I was not able to know what was the real cause why she did it, leaving behind her 8-month old baby. She would have enjoyed the joy of being a granny at a young age! My son on the other hand died due to cardiac arrest. I would like to ask for forgiveness for not saving him. He was far from me and we just couldn't find a rescue in the middle of strong rain that night. I want to hug them close once again, to say that I love them both, that I missed them so much. I want to tell them that their kids are both doing fine. That they both are their spitting image. God knows how I missed them so. I can't help my tears falling down while uttering this simple wish.

I would also like to tell my husband that I have already forgiven him for all the heartaches he had given me. An hour is not enough but it would be priceless. This is my wish and I only hope that it will be granted even in my dreams only.

I would like to thank @galenkp as well as the sponsors of this awesome community.

Keep safe everyone!

Till then,




So sad to hear the lost of your beloved ones. You’re doing good in taking care of your grandchildren. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Yes sis, it's all I can do to compensate for the early demise of their parent. Iba talaga ang ama at Ina sa kanila pero kahit papano ay nakikita na andito pay rin ako para sa kanila.

@sarimanok i am feeling sad to read about your son . As he was far from you .
Feeling like my family member shared her all thoughts with me .
i wish and pray to God for all your sorrows convert into happines

Thanks. At this point in time, all I wish is for my grandchildren to be successful in life. My eldest grandson is now a father with their 3-month old baby. I can see how protective he is with his baby. He was only 8 months old when his mom left him that he felt it now to fill the need to protect her. My heart melts Everytime I see him cuddling their baby. He's a basketball player too and a big man but he's not awkward to look when he dance a lullaby to send their baby to sleep.
Thanks for reading dear.