What Are You Doing This Weekend?

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How was your Saturday?

I haven't even noticed when this day ended and it was already night.
Lately, my schedule is full of work and I just miss those days when I could simply post in Hive, maybe cook or go out with friends.


There's a Gamification design I need to finish. A podcast design for a Swedish guy on Neurohacks for health improvement, Zoom meetings...I even forgot to check my emails lately.

🎥 🎬 🎦 And all I really wanted to do last night after finish part of the work that I had was to watch a cheap, commercial Horror movie...and I started watching it at ...3 AM...then the cats wouldn't come in from their outside journey, and then...I was hungry. So at about 9 AM I went to sleep. This daily messed-up routine needs to change!

I had a meeting tomorrow at 6 PM that was rescheduled for Monday, which is great. Because I intend to take some time off tomorrow, maybe come to Hive for a weekend engagement that I love and to post a bit and read what others have written with pleasure.

It's spring and I want to change so many things. And I know I can do it with #selfcare and #determination #will.

What are you doing this weekend?

With friendship,
@regenerette is hugging you



I will check the platforms and do some networking with the users, happy weekend @regenerette

Enjoy your time in Hive! Happy weekend and I look forward to "meeting" you again on the blockchain.
Thank you for reading! Have an excellent weekend!

So be it, we'll see you around!


Hey! Sorry for the negative vote, I pressed the wrong button and didn't realize it. I actually liked your post ✌️ Cheers!

I reblogged your photo contest. I want to share it on my twitter for people to engage in it, but I also want to tag you on twitter. What is your nickname there?