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RE: Weekend-Engagement #20___An Hour With The Departed

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@sarimanok i am feeling sad to read about your son . As he was far from you .
Feeling like my family member shared her all thoughts with me .
i wish and pray to God for all your sorrows convert into happines


Thanks. At this point in time, all I wish is for my grandchildren to be successful in life. My eldest grandson is now a father with their 3-month old baby. I can see how protective he is with his baby. He was only 8 months old when his mom left him that he felt it now to fill the need to protect her. My heart melts Everytime I see him cuddling their baby. He's a basketball player too and a big man but he's not awkward to look when he dance a lullaby to send their baby to sleep.
Thanks for reading dear.