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That dress is great for you @thekittygirl

Hahaha, now I wonder what dress is that @brittandjosie.

By chance, are you referring to the pink one shown in my sig? :D

Yep the footer dress , it’s gorgeous

Is she petite? I may have some for sale from when I was a cute toddler. }:)

@thekittygirl might not fit in but this is adoray

 2 months ago 

That is adorable! 😊



You know what else I don't like? When I'm surrounded by people and come to the realization that all these crazy idiots think they're smarter than me—not a big fan of that.

Hahaha well, I suppose that is and will always be the inescapable path to discovery to which we are all and will be subjected in search of the naked truth.

You had me all the way to naked and then you dropped the t-word: Truth.

Where's this guy getting his information?

Where's this guy getting his information?

It's all just pure and crude logic. The almighty glue that connect and put together the naked dots. :)

Thank you. Clear as mud!

Always welcome my friend. :)

What.. in the.....

Your profile says Steemian. It says a lot of other stuff, too, like Venezuela and band camp.

Exactly! right there within that "lot of other stuff" is where precisely resides the key you seem to have been looking for to decrypt this mystery. :)