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Good morning Hivers!


This is going to be a lazy weekend for me. I just watered my garden and even that small action made me tired. My stomach is hurting a little and my head is dizzy.

It's beginning to be that time of the month again! The joys of being a woman!

Today and tomorrow will probably be worst, energy and dizziness-wise, although I'll probably be getting a migraine aswell somewhere these next few days.

Luckily, I've got a couple of posts lined up as back-up if everything else fails. I'm not saying I have to post every day, but I'm aiming for atleast one more of the monthly daily poster badges. Gamer's mind, what can I say!

Mum is coming over today, so that'll be fun! It's also why I'm writing early and not writing much today. Gotta keep a bit of energy left. Normally, I'm fine, but these monthly things always drain me. I'm skipping next month though, yay for the pill and its options!

I bought everything needed to get hubby to cook me dinner this weekend! Should be easy enough, although I'll help out a little. Aside from that, I think I'll do as little as possible.

Playfulfoodie garden flowers

Anyway, my garden is doing well! The many berries are starting to get a bit of color and there's actually quite a lot of cherries in one of my cherry trees. Some have fallen off though... I hope I'll get to try one atleast, although I think I have to battle the birds for it!

My apple tree also holds quite a few, small fruits now and the strawberries are going crazy with the amount of fruits they're making! I'm so happy I brought them along from my old garden. Even the raspberries are starting to show many fruits. Oh, and a few of my tomato plants already hold one or two mini tomatoes aswell!

There's plenty of lettuce growing and plenty of... andive(?) aswell. And the potato plants are getting quite big. Never grew potatoes before, so I'm super excited to see how that works out. Our clayish soil should be perfect for them.

Very happy with my garden. It could do with a couple of rain showers a week though... but I guess that's asking a bit much during summer time, so I'll just keep watering for as long as there's no water problems and restrictions. In that regard, I'm very happy we had a wet winter and spring.

Right, that's it for my small update of the day. Time to get some breakfast and be lazy until mum arrives.

Have a good day!

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The joys of being a woman!

It must suck to be honest. Although, I'm not sure if you'd cope being a man. I mean think about it...You ever heard of man flu? The most terrible affliction a person can get. It renders men helpless and they require a bell to ding so that someone comes along with hot chocolate, snacks or chicken soup...Or just to plump up the pillows a little. It's a terrible condition. You should count yourself lucky you are not a man and so cannot be struck down with it. I hope you feel better though of course.

I bought everything needed to get hubby to cook me dinner this weekend!

Ye gods! What madness is this?

I hope you have a nice time with mumma over to visit and being lazy in the interim. Thanks for posting in THE WEEKEND community. :)

Oh gosh yes, that man flu certainly is a terrible affliction. I might have to re-think the joys of being a woman!

Ye gods! What madness is this?

It happens, trust me! Sometimes with a bit of a grumble, but it happens ;-)

Thanks for your kind reply!

You're just lucky that hubby of yours doesn't have a sore throat, little cough or minor headache...All precursors of man flu. You'd never get dinner then! 😊

Have a good weekend. I hope you feel much better.

THis man of 59 has 'spierpijn' by volunteering too long in the veggie garden this week. We all have our little problems. Enjoy the weekend!

Ouch, 'spierpijn' sucks too, although it is the 'good' kind of pain... most of the time...
Hope the pain is gone today! Enjoy your weekend!

I'm with @galenkp here. The trials of mannity are hard burdens to bear.

Did you know we have to shave our face, like all the time and sometimes it makes our skin go all blotchy!?

Oh the humanity!

Did you know we have to shave our face, like all the time

All I can say to that is: Legs and armpits!
Also, I thought beards were all the rage now? All the cool kids are doing it! Or was that hipsters?

Beards... They are even worse, that big tickly thatch on your face trapping bits of food and needing constant attention. Urgh!!

And hipsters, they seem to be immune to the itching!?

Haha, fair enough! Hubby doesn't seem to mind though... and he's not even a hipster! He's a true Beard man.