WEEKEND- ENGAGEMENT WEEK #19 - Origin of my Pet Whitey

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Taking care of some of the stray cats here in Saudi Arabia became a big part of my life since 2007. Unexpectedly, it helped me lighten up the heavy burden that I had been through.

One day back in 2008, we were on our weekend getaway. I found very cute white cats on the street. I thought they were abandoned by a certain owner. Maybe, they didn't want to have many cats at home. The cats were not ordinary stray cats.

At that time, I had no Facebook. I had no mobile phone and no camera. I asked permission to bring the kittens at home. They didn't resist the will of their daughter at that time.

This is Whitey and me.

Fast forward, I took the kittens to the old house. We were then living in the old while the big house was then under construction The mother of my boss hated cats so I put them on the rooftop. We had also hundreds of pigeons before and those were my first pets.

I named them Moning the male and Kikay was the female one. After 6 months of being with me, Kikay gave birth to 3 white kittens. How I was too happy taking care of the fluffy kittens.


Moning died without sickness. Maybe, he was bitten by a scorpion. The day before he died, he was so healthy. I cried a lot but I didn't lose my hope, I have the three kittens already.

They grew happily without father and Kikay was so happy with her kittens.
After one year, we move to this mansion and I was so sad for my pets. They were four cats and the pigeons. My boss told me not to bring the cats with us. I knew they would become hungry but I decided to bring them to the farmhouse. It was a good idea but I missed them. We often go there.

White cats became a big family with one mother Kikay. So funny, I learned that siblings and mother could mate with each other. That was the first thing I noticed with cats when Moning impregnated Kikay, his sister.

They lived happily on the farm and I already had a mobile phone by the year 2010, the Sony Ericson but I had no Facebook yet. I took pictures but not saved.

Later on by the year 2012, the cats were still there and Kikay was still alive.
They were four, Kikay the mother, Kakay, Nengneng, Moning Jr.and Kokoy. But I got the picture with only the three.

When I looked up the tree, I found the other one.

Last year, October 26, 2019, the caretaker of the farmhouse called me that the cats were dying. They were no longer 4 cats, there were other colors but mostly white. I rushed to the farm and found only one tiny kitten was alive. All the big cats died. They died from the food poisoning intended for the rats. The caretaker family forgot the risk about the cats. It accidentally happened and no need to blame them. Thank God, the only one alive was a newborn and he didn't know how to eat food yet.

He is Whitey who survived!

I talked to my boss that I need to take good care of Whitey and let him live outside the house, in the garden. They agreed because I cried a lot and felt so sad. What a good timing that the youngest daughter of my boss who loves cats, has a pet and it was Whiteboy. My baby love felt so happy that Whiteboy got a new friend and also a male kitten.

This is Whitey with his older sister who died among their parent and grandmother Kikay.

Kikay lived for very long years from 2007 to 2019. She was sicked before and dying. I fed her sugar and paracetamol then she got well at that time by the year 2013.

The white with black spot kitten also died and he was older than Whitey.

Life of Whitey in the mansion

He became the center of the attraction better than Whiteboy. He is so fluffy and white.
His first bath here


I took care of him like a baby. I brought him up on the bed for sunshine bathing after taking a bath. He was too cute with he was still a Kitten. I fed him fresh milk, custard and I bought fresh mackerel for his food.

*So healthy Whitey but I felt his sadness through his face longing for his real family. There is something he is hiding until now and his happiness is not perfect though, he got a new family here.
They both ate together before.

They were so playful all the time.


Sudden lost of Whiteboy

Whitey had gone four months ago and never seen his back. Maybe he died from fighting with another cat Caramel.*

This is Whiteboy, poster brother of Whitey.

He loves going in the top of the bike.

Whitey's first anniversary

Whitey is already one year old and one year of staying with me. I love him so much. Since Whitey is here, my boss already learned to love cats more than before. There are lots of cats in the garden now and Whitey is the only white.


They are more than 10 cats now and more coming later on.

Still, Whitey is my best among them

The King of my Pet

Cats are not faithful to each other. They easily flirting with other male cats. Male is a jealous type and even fight each other for territory and winning the attention of other female cats.

Whitey knows that I love him. He is a very spoiled pet. I remember before that he never know how to climb a tree because no parent taught him. He never knows how to fight for food and let go of his food for other cats. When he is hungry, I feed him with my hands to separate the meat from the bones. So dependent on me and I realized, it is just like treating my child. Children could not stand alone if we treat them as a baby.

I learned a lesson now on how to take care of humans and animals to be independent of me. When they are dependent, it gives us an additional burden. How if I die?

That's my story about my pet. Thank you @galenkp. This is supposed to be my post yesterday but posting was too very hard after the harkfork24. I hope that everything would be in a successful process.

That's all and Thank you

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