Hide and Seek - Car version

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@galenkp post about CB radios reminded me of a game I used to play as a kid and as promised I thought I'd pop a weekend post together for it as it was often a game we'd play as youth on a Friday or Saturday night swapping people for cars and streets for entire suburbs. Oh the fun we used to have.

As kids or youth in our neighbourhood we we're quite the popular group and it was easy for us to have a crew of 50+ per night as everyone wanted to come and kick it with us because they knew we were upto some crazy fun stuff. From late night beach cruises, late night pizza and coffee at Lygon St (little Italy) to chilling in parks, going to parties or random road trips to the coast and sleeping in our cars overnight spending it drinking at the beach with camp fires.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because camera phones were expensive as fark and the quality as they were emerging were only 2mp cameras. I grew up in the era of flip phones rather than smart phones. Just text and calls. It's probably a good thing as much of the stuff we did I wouldn't want resurfacing, ain't no one wana see my butt cheeks.

This often made it extremely difficult for us to go clubbing or events as we'd literally have a crowd of 50 with a whole fleet of cars. So what did we do?


Phone calls were expensive back then so my mates and I often had CB radios, no shit we'd spend nights in the car at home talking through a CB radio. Just about nothing really, eventually we chipped in and started buying home equipment. My mum lost it at me one day when she came home to see a giant antenna attached to the house. Few other mates did the same thing. It got cold on weekends in the car and a house set up was so much better.

But we also had these bad boys in our cars all the time to communicate while driving around. I miss them, quicker and easier than a mobile and not illegal. As more people joined not everyone could afford one of these but they got smaller hand held devices.

One night while about 15 cars worth of people we were all lined up and as usual the boys in blue came across to see what we were doing and one of my friends responded with a smart arse comment that we were playing hide and seek. It was a bit tongue in cheek because it literally started the game.

The boys in blue rebutted and said oh yeah with cars? You hide and I'll seek. My mate says yeah but in the suburb and went into this whole story about the game explaining it. It was too well thought out to be honest, I reckon he'd just never voiced it or he really did think of it on the spot.

The boys in blue made a comment that they'd keep an eye out and play too as they had CB radios. Obviously they ment by pulling us over.


Once the boys in blue left my other friend piped up with "you're it count to 10" and instantly everyone ran for their cars and off we went we spent 6hrs on our first game of hide and seek. Once you were found you'd have to help the it person find the next cars. You'd be surprised that there aren't that many areas to hide in and you can't really stay hidden up someone's drive way for long until they come out asking you WTF you're doing or call the cops on ya.

One night was funny, one of our mates must have been up someone's drive way for abit and as we were looking for him we hear over the radio "will the owner of XRB-187 kindly remove themselves from the property the owners have reported a strange car in their drive way

It was funny as kids we didn't relise that regos and police records were linked and we used to freak out when the police would jump into our channel and call our names. Or we'd get totally pissed when they'd chime in over the radio letting everyone know where someone was hiding because they'd spot them on patrols.

It was an a game of epic proportions, it sounds harder than what it was but it really wasn't. Games would last a few hours and it became a drinking game too where people would come out, drink in the back seat have a laugh (sober driver) and just have fun as kids do.


A few of our friends has Toyota Tarago's but older models than the one in the image. One of them were totally pimped out with neon lights, MTX sound system it was more of a party bus than ride. Even an early model Panasonic touch screen DVD player for all those awesome music videos. This one time they played porn and drove around at high volume, this system was loud as fark. The looks on people's faces as they pulled up next to people in traffic. They'd all just look forward pretend nothing was happening, just driving but blasting these moans.

Cars opposite would be freaking out thinking wtf is going on, oh we'd be in hysterics watching from a far.

Ah the good old weekends as kids, how I miss those nights.

Do you have any fun games like this that you remember as kids?


Lol that's awesome 🤣

Yeah it was heaps fun, miss those days