Enter Halloween

A good Boo to you Hive community,

This weekend the weather decided to actually work with us this weekend and was sunny and beautiful out. We decided to take advantage to break out the Halloween decorations.


I told the gardener not to use that glowing fertalizer...


We kept it, tamer, this year as in not putting out everything we have. I'm beginning to grow tired of hauling all the decoration up and down and in and out of storage. Still, we had to put something out.


Duh!!! I forgot to put the hose away for the year... owell I'll blame it on ghosts.


A lot of the decorations have broken through the years, This guy started life out as a full-blown skeleton.


This guy is waiting for 2020 to end....



So are we all waiting for 2020 to end.

That's a pretty impressive collection of Halloween decorations. I don't much celebrate holidays, but I certainly appreciate those that do. I get a smile out of the things I see in peoples yards. Yours included.

Thanks - my son still enjoys placing items here and there and of course running through the Halloween store and pointing out all the spooky items he wants.

I agree with you, I'm all over with 2020...I'm ready for it to end and hope 2021 gives us all something to get excited about. We don't really do the Halloween thing here in Australia traditionally although it's getting a little more popular these days, I guess the shops see an opportunity to make money.

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