What a weekend!!

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Happy new year to everyone. Last year was a bit rough and I hope this year turns out better. The restriction of movement and ban placed on large gatherings enacted by the federal government of Nigeria made the new year celebration different.

As a Christian, it's always normal to shout the happy new year in the church but the ban didn't make that happen. The ban was placed as a control measure against the spread of corona. Corona has hit the world and its effects are devastating.

But I still found a way to make work my way around it. I prayed at home as we make our way into a new year. The new morning which was Friday was pretty rough and stressful for me but I was too happy to notice. The effect hit me hard when I couldn't do much blogging on my phone and I slept off.

Waking up on Saturday, I felt pain all over my body, so I relaxed more by sleeping for a second round. After waking up, I resumed blogging on hive. This Saturday has been one of the most productive as I am currently writing my fourth post on the hive platform. I don't think I have ever done that before.

They are a lot to say and I must confess that I might end up writing up to 6 posts today as they are a lot to say. The least of the post made was over 400 words. I know it astonishing but I am just happy to be mute. I have not been able to engage in this community as must as I want to but this week will be different.

Some of my plans for the weekend have already been put in motion. I have cleaned the house, washed my dirty clothes, eaten, and took a bottle of beer 🙈.

I still have some other plans, friends to visit, people to greet, and places to see. I think I deserve this break.

Well would love to hear your side of things too. How as the new year turned out? hope it hasn't been stressful as mine and what are your plans for the weekend?

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