How I spent the first Sunday of the year

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Well, a happy new year once more. I can't be tired of saying this and I don't know why. I feel a little bit refreshed and charged to face this year although I have been carrying the same vibe towards the ending of December.

IMG_20210103_114004_9.jpg Me at the church service

So yesterday I was supposed to write six posts but I could not as things came up. Ended up writing just 4 but it's a good start to the year. I can't think of the last time I wrote four posts in one day.

Seems today I will be writing just three posts. I have already written two posts so this is the third. So let me use this medium to walk you through how I spent my first Sunday of the year.

Like every good Christian, I knew I would be going to church but before then, I had to go help my mom at her store. So by 9, I was home and I took my bath and put on my church costume, before heading to church.

IMG_20210103_114818_1.jpg during and ongoing church service

Well, I attend a white garment church popularly known as the celestial church of God (Cele). One of our doctrines requires wearing our white garment attire during service hours. Also, we always don't have any footwear on during service and when we wear a white garment.

I made my way to church and was on time as I got there three minutes before the program starts properly by 10 am. The service was power-filled. I wished I could post all pictures taken but some are still in the professional photographer camera.

I was able to take a few with my phone but the lens of my phone is not what it use to be anymore. The services started at 10 am and ended at 3:30 pm.

After the service, I went home to relax a bit, while relaxing, I slept off. A call from a friend woke me up asking me to come over to his place to watch my team play today against Manchester City.

If I could turn back the hands of time, would have definitely reserved the hands of time and decide against not going over to watch the match. My favorite team Chelsea was battered by the man city team in the first half with a 3 nil scoreline.

The banters gotten could make one consider decamping to another team but I am not one to give up on something easily. I watched the match till the end and I got some positives from how the match ended.

Chelsea played better and got a deserved goal which made the game end at a 3-1 scoreline. The scorer of the goal for Chelsea was Hodson once more. His impact in the blues shirt is something undeniable and it's only a matter of time before he is drafted as a first-team player.

After the match, we watched some family programs (I can't remember the name now), then the Millan match, Millan got a red card in the match but still managed to control the game and won

I Went back to mum store to help her before making my way home. It was late before I got home. Ate some yam before writing this post.

So tell me in the comment box, how did you spend your first Sunday of the month.

All images were taken with tecno camon 11 camera. Both front and back


How much energy do you have to write so many posts per day, I do one and I'm tired of it hahaha 😂.

I spent this Sunday with my friends 😀.

I don't have anything else doing aside from writing. I was doing it for the reward before now and when it didn't come, I wear out and quit writing. lately, I have been getting lots of engagement on my posts, although the rewards (financially) haven't started coming in, but I don't want to disappoint readers of my blog.

The readers motivate me I guess and writing in various community gives me lots of topics to talk about

On this platform you must persevere and you will succeed. There will be days when you will have good rewards, others not so many. The important thing is not to get discouraged.

I agree with you.. Consistency is key

Well Said Laura.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Be careful not to look too spammy with so many posts, that will lose you any ground you have gained with those that vote you. Just saying.

That's also true, I think I will limit my writing to just four times a day. Although I have a lot to talk about

Four huh? OK. That's one way to go. Good luck.

Seems you disagree 😁😁

We each have to make our own decisions, and own them. It's your blog, your journey and your prerogative to do as you feel is appropriate, so do what you believe is right for you irrespective of what others believe.

I confirmed the popular saying that Monday is a day for knowledge and wisdom. Thanks for passing one to me