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RE: Weekend DIY Birdhouse Part 2

That's a nice DIY project. It looks like a large bird house. Is it going to hang or set atop a pole?


Thank you for stopping by! I’m thinking of securing it to a pole or tree or something. I think it’s a bit too big to hang, no? I’ve never built a bird house before so I don’t know much about what they are ideally set up with. Probably why it came out so large lol

I thought it was too big to hang. I'm no expert, but I read once that you had to secure it from any small animals who get the idea to crawl up the pole. It has to be coated with some type of smooth substance. Or I think it may be a certain type of pole used that slick and they can't gain a footing.

That's definitely good to think about! I'm not sure where to hang it now. We do have a space between two big pine trees that we can attach it somehow via a string that goes across. I will have to do a little more research on how to best hang a birdhouse for birds not the other animals that are trying to set up shop!