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Hello everybody,

Happy weekend! How's yours? Mine was truly unexplainable happiness with my more more squash flower harvest cooking it in many ways.


I fried them as omelet.


I boiled them including the young stem with moringa leaves.


I sautee them with chicken meat.


And, cooked them with Bulgur, too.


That's our whole day food eating excluding rice. No rice diet for a month now. I prepared our food just one time because I was rushing my crocheted top hiding the cleavage to be posted on Monday.


After lunch, I continued my crocheting after that I took my selfie wearing the new top outside and inside the house.

While outside I noticed one of the cats relaxing near my potted plants. I snapped him slowly because he is aloof to everybody. No one can touched him. I liked much his natural
hair print. See?


After my photography session, I went outside to the nearest store from the apartment, bought 70% alcohol and additional food, fish for dinner by frying it. After dinner and some household chores, I relaxed. Answered the questions of my crochet students online through Messenger. Then, I was amused by the new app I downloaded, Picture This, a plant identifier app. I first test it by centering the flower I snapped in Carcar City inside our new acquired lot.


Plus how to take care of the said plants and it's history or everything about the plant.

I love the app!

By the way, thanks @diosarich for inviting me to subscribe in this awesome community.

Parking now, till next weekend, welcome busy weekdays!

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