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RE: A Very Full Weekend - More Tales of a Wannabe Urban Gardener

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Hey Victor, you can come down here anytime, to help me with my garden, You are actually farther along with yours, and I have a tiller @wwwiebe ha ha ha
Right now, all I have is one tomato plant, three basil, and a handful of Italian Oregano (I didn't know there were other than Italian varieties)
This is from right after I put them all in the ground, I HAVE added more rich dirt and mulch since then

This was taken just a few moments ago


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Gardening is surprisingly much more difficult than it looks; it's certainly harder on the back than expected!

My home improvement budget has aboot been exhausted this year, so I won't be doing much more expanding of the garden; besides, I have other projects I need to get done, and by then it'll be close to summer, and I won't want to start from scratch.

Your tomatos are looking good! I also had no idea there were so many varieties of oregano. I have one of the varieties planted - I'm not sure which.

p.s., this arrived today. Yay.


Still Victor, @wwwiebe, the invitation is open, not to come work necessarily, but to share in the gardening.
Sorry for the late reply; I have been unable to access ecency from Chrome all day, this is from FireFox.