Double Rainbow Formation on Weekend

Great weekend hivers especially to the #weekend community, hope all are safe and doing well. Today I'm going to share what my weekend looks like. My former colleagues visits me in my hometown to unwind and to forget the busy city life for the mean time. They actually planned to pay a visit a couple of months ago, but due to strict implementation of health protocol by Local Government Unit it was postponed. So now that health protocols were modified and loosen the restriction they didn't hesitate to come over.

My colleagues came over for the beach actually(Lol) and not because of me😁😅, they really wanted to experience the white sands and blue waters of the beach where I live nearby, and so they take a dip right away. After a couple of minutes in water, rain shower passed by over the place even with the clear skies on. Soon after double rainbow formation appears in the beach front, the right most rainbow is not that clear than the other one but visible to the naked eye, so I hurriedly took a snaps of it with my colleagues on the background without them knowing.



Few minutes later the double rainbow disappear gradually and so I decided to took snaps of my colleagues instead to have a souvenir photo to the both them.

Sarah requested me to took a photo of her that looks like a stolen shot, no wonder why she was being dubbed as drama queen and frequently teased in her workplace.


Above photos were all taken In Tingko beach of Alcoy, Cebu. 📸@jayparagat

[//]:# (!pinmapple 9.683647 lat 123.502872 long Tingko Beach, Alcoy d3scr)


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