Tall Tales :An Engage The Weekend Game- Episode Two

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Well its the weekend again and time for another round of Tall Tales! The game where I share three stories. Two of which are real and one which is a complete fabrication. Your part is to guess which story of mine im pulling your leg on.

To continue on the fun, in the comments section leave three short stories or facts of your own and make sure one is completely made up. Have fun watching us debate which story of yours is totally fake.

On the 28th this sunday at 8pm EST I'll reveal the answers to the game and which story is the tall tale. Feel free at that time to tell us if anyone got your own fictional tale right. And reveal your answer.

On to the Tall Tales!

A few years ago my best friend and I had just finished an evening of night fishing. Tired and frustrated from catching nothing we began the long 45 minute hike back to our truck.

It was about 1am with a bright full moon and we're absent mindedly walking around a sharp bend in the road when we come face to face with a massive male mountain lion. We're about ten miles from the nearest hunan being and the cat knows it. Fifteen feet in front of us the cat freezes blocking the road and just sizes us up for several moments. About six foot long and 200 pounds, you can tell he's calculating his odds.

Next thing we know in a single leap it hops up a embankment and crouches down in the grass watching us. The entire walk back to the truck we walked backwards never taking our eye off the cougar who stalked us all the way hoping to find an opportunity where our guard was down to pounce and eat us.

I was driving one day on a very curvy section of a famous Hollywood road called Mulholland drive. A dog suddenly runs out in front of my car and I swerve to avoid it. In the process I lose control of the car and go over a cliff or very steep embankment.

My car is teetering and on the verge of tumbling down the hillside and onto the roof of a very expensive home. Panicked, I scramble up the side of the cliff and run out onto the road looking for help.

The first person who comes along is Jack Nicholson in a red mercedes convertible. I try and flag him down yelling I need help and pointing towards the cliff. The movie star either confused or just irritated salutes me, stomps on the gas and careens down the road past me not wanting anything to do with me.

It took another twenty minutes before I could stop somebody and get help.

I was hiking one time with just one other friend in a wooded canyon just north of los angeles. It was a nice sunny peaceful day and we decided to go a little off trail. We push through a set of thick bushes and come across a hidden marijuana grow operation.

At first we were stunned. It's not something we expected to suddenly come across. Then, just as we were leaving, two hillbillies for lack of a better word come out of the bushes with rifles aimed at us. They held us captive for almost an hour deciding what to do with us until we were able to convince them that we wouldn't rat them out to the police or give away their operation.

To this day I still get anxiety hiking in the woods afraid I'll come across another illegal grow opp or moonshine still.

Here is a picture of a seemingly ordinary stick in my possession. It has been completely striped of bark.


Which explanation of how I came into possession of the stick is the truth.

1. I was hiking in the woods north of Greenville south Carolina earlier this year. The woods were particularly thick here and as I paused on the trail to look at my surroundings. Somebody or something threw a perfectly straight stick purposely striped of all its bark through the trees at me. It was thrown like a javelin and landed right by my feet.

2. I found the stick down by a creek near my house and I like to secretly imagine im a pirate and swashbuckle with the stick often pretending its a sword.

3. My neighbors kid brought me the stick one day as a gift. I accepted it thinking it was a neat stick only to later find out he had spent the entire morning spearing dog poop with it.


Ok. So in the comments below tell me which story above is the lie, and for the picture tell me which story is the truth.

Don't forget to join in on the fun and leave three stories of your own in the comments and make sure one is completely fake. Lets see if we can guess which story of yours is the lie.

If you guys enjoy fun posts with lots of engagement then make sure to check out the Weekend Engagement Community @galenkp has put together.


So see last weeks capers and the Tall Tale within click on the link below.

And answers to last weeks game


Picture by pixabay.com

Picture of mysterious stick by hidave


Sorry for being so late with the reveal for this weeks Tall Tales. I came down with the oddest sickness over the weekend and just got better yesterday. On top of that I've just started gull time work again. But I'm back baby!

So I'd like to thank all those that participated in this weeks games. To @bigtom13 @galenkp @sunitahive @cmplxty thank you so much for playing along. Folks like you are what make Hive a great community.

So on to the reveal!

Did Dave run into a puma in the dark desolate desert one night? Did jack nicholson ignore his plight amd leave him without aid when his car was dangling off a cliff. Was he held captive by hillbillies when he stumbled across their nefarious drug operation?

Galenkp has called Dave's bluff! The answer is story number three. I have not been held hostage by hillbillies in the woods!

For the bonus round. Nobody got it right! The answer is that I truly do like to sword fight using the stick as a makeshift sabre. I actually have learned filipino kali which is a mixture of indigenous south east asian and european sword fighting. I can do scary things with a live sword. Well any blade really. Although with a stick i look like a total dork.

Thanks again guys for playing along. I'll be doing another one for this weekend. I have some good stories this time around.

First AR-15 I saw in civilian hands was up in remote NE Washington. I was looking for my sister's place and got confused by 'turn on the third graveled road on the right.' Guys didn't threaten me particularly just asked politely what the fuck I was doing there. I told 'em who I was looking for and they told me how to get there. They also told me to turn around right there, go no farther. I did :)

So. Jack Nicholson is an asshole. This is my surprised face.

I really meant to come back and play the game last week and well, I didn't. I'll do better this week.

As much as I wanted the hillbilly story to be true I knew it was just wishful thinking on your part! 🤣

Haha. I've got enough hillbillies around these parts already. Actually the moonshine aint bad. Used to have a coworker who'd make it in his basement. Would sell you a litte of his seasonal blend for 20 bucks. Hed just bring it to work the next day in a giant mason jar.

Gotta love a hillbilly. Ours are different but, in essence, the same.

Dont get me started on methed out bogans.

Lol...Yeah, there's a few of them...I mean the bushy's though.

Ah damn that’s great! I would have thought the hill billy story was plausible but it’s crazy that old jack couldn’t care less to help someone at least calla tow truck.

I stumbled onto someone’s grow operation once and as soon as I saw what it was I high tailed it the hell out of there. I wanted nothing to do with that! This was back before it was legal to grow cannabis in your yard here in Taxachusetts.

Ive actually come across a few in california back in the early 2000s. They were all amateur set ups though.

OK then. It's time for more fun!

I just told a story this week of a Cougar stalking a friend. I buy number 1.

I've ridden Mullholland Drive a few times. Could be.

I thought most of the pot in California was raised significantly north of there, but I have got myself into a sticky wicket in pot growing country. So I buy #3

That leaves #2 as bullshit. Jack Nicholson would never drive red. How gauche.

I did meet Dan Gurney and Jay Leno on up at the Rockstore :)

I'm guessing the javelin landed at your feet. Spearing poop is hard so I flipped a coin on the other two.

Really wheres the link for your cougar story im interested in reading it.

Never underestimate a kid snd a stick!

The mystery is if a stick was thrown at me from some unseen entity in the forest who could it have possibly been. I going with sasquatch

Or maybe the kid that was trying to spear dog doo?

You have a few tales you could tell. Let us try and figure out the fib.

I want all three to be true!

So, number one...This is definitely legit as I can imagine this happening for sure. Number two....Hmm, I can imagine that smirk of Nicholson's and a flippant salute as he drove by uncaring of your plight...Number three...Hmm...Could be legit, but I'm going to call it out as bullshit! (you sure there was no deliverance-style action?) Lol

Bonus round:

That stick was totally thrown at you like a javelin, probably by Jack Nicholson too!

Everyone is certain of the mysterious javelin tosser in the woods. What if my neighbors kid is just a butt that thought it would be funny to give me his old shit stick. Or maybe i really do like to play pirate swashbuckler when nobodies looking. Maybe the north america yowie wanted me out of his woods and to his dismay the stick of doom missed its mark.

Funny you say deliverance. They filmed all the lake scenes about a 45 minute drive from my house. No shit theres a town near me called possum kingdom. Google it. Hillbillies are real.

Deliverance was a good movie...That track, duelling banjos...So good. Here's a little fact for ya...Faith plays the banjo. (Bet ya didn't know that!) True story. (She isn't a hillbilly though.)

I didnt know that about Faith! Didn't expect that. Does she make you watch deliverance and then go "oooh oooh this is my favourite part!" When the banjo scene comes on.

Man in the county that lake is in ive seen hillbillies at 9am on their porch in a dirty singlet drunk on moonshine petting their chicken and cradling their double barrel shotguns. Its no joke its like being in the movie.

She's the least hillbilliest person I reckon you could meet, but I have a picture of her with the banjo, dressed in a pair of cut-off denim overalls kind of channelling sexy hillbilly. More a Daisy Duke type though. Can't show it on the blockchain though. I'll see if I can convince her to let me take a banjo picture and I'll do a post.

It could be a fun post of her showing off her banjo skills. Maybe make a shirt video of her playing. No need to have her dress up. And from the photos I'd say Faith is waaay to classy to be a hillbilly.

I'll have a chat with her although it's unlikely she'll play on video, just like I won't play the piano on video for the interwebs. I'll convince her to do a photo though.

#classyhillbillychick Lol.

I used to work with a kid on one of my old irrigation crews that looked just like that kid in the video. Kinda scary because he'd always try and jump on the excavator and use it but he didn't know how. Broke more stuff then he installed right.

Yes, they got that look right in the movie didn't they? Good movie...I wonder what that kid-actor is doing these days.

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What an interesting series of stories!

Let’s see, I’m thinking that the one with jack nicholson is fake. The mountain lions are definitely a scary thing to find when you’re out so I’m thinking that’s true!

The neighbor kid totally stripped it for you and didn’t tell you he was spearing dog shit with it lol

I would imagine a mountain lion face to face would be pretty terrifying. But then again so are hillbillies with guns.

As gor the kid. He's the type of kid who will dress up his dog with his own clothes, so its possible he was getting creative with his pooper scooping techniques.

All will be revealed in just a few hours!

I guess number 2 , 🤔

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