Nighttime Encounters With The Unknown

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As Halloween approaches I think it'll be fun to have a spooky edition of the game tall tales. The Weekend Engagement game where I tell three stories. Two are absolutely true and one is complete malarkey! Your job is to guess in the comments which story is the lie!

As a kid my friend Brent grew up in a monstrosity of a house that jutted out of the mountain side of the infamous Laurel Canyon pass. At four stories tall, built on stilts and cantilevered over a precipice the house had a way of making you feel ill at ease. However, the house had an even darker side to it.

As a modern frankenstein house of mismatched features it had entire walls of glass windows. One evening late at night while I was visiting I saw a man walking past one of those windows. He was out on the veranda that wrapped around the outside of the livingroom. I thought it was just Brent's dad and thought nothing of it.

Often at night I'd see the man walking back and forth in the shadows of that veranda. One thing didn't sit right though. The Veranda was more of a balcony suspended in the air over the drop off below. The only way to get to it was through the very living room we'd be watching TV in, and I never saw anybody go out there.

One day Brent's mom told us about how when they were having the house built a worker died suddenly on that veranda due to a severe heart attack. I then realised that was the mans ghost still stuck in limbo in our realm pacing back and forth still doing his job.

Several years ago. It feels like a lifetime ago. I used to enjoy leisurely driving through the Hollywood hills late at night looking at the impressive expensive homes. One night I was trawling along going up one quiet road when I noticed a person going out for a late night walk. They were walking down the center of the street going the same direction up hill as I was. Not an unusual sight. However, something seemed off.

They must be wearing a dark top or something because as I approached I couldn't make out their body. Just their legs. Eventually I slowed to just above idle and came within fifteen or twenty feet of the walker and was chilled by what I saw before me. The reason I couldn't see their top was because there was no top! There in my car's headlights were clear as can be just a pair of legs from the waist down walking up the hill! I turned on my brights both to confirm what I was in fact seeing and to try and get the walkers attention which turned out to be futile.

For a minute or so I slowly followed fifteen feet behind this discorporate apparition of a pair of semi translucent sepia coloured legs as it continued it's trek up the road. Then it just simply dissolved and vanished.

I've tried to research the particular street to see if there were any deaths, murders or accidents in which this ghost could be the victim of but have not found anything. To this day the identity of those ghostly legs are a mystery to me and I can only wonder if residents have seen the same late night walker as I did.

As a teen I once witnessed something so strange that I've been unsuccessful in having anyone who's heard my tale actually believe me. But, the incident had left me afraid to be in that backyard alone at night to the day I moved out of that house.

It was only 8:30pm or so. Not too late and I was on the far side of the backyard out beyond the swimming pool. Suddenly there was a flash overhead and so I looked up to see the sky a dirty brown colour and all the stars like black pinholes. The effect was almost like an old photograph negative.

Then movement out of the corner of my eye drew me to look back towards the house. Off the back door was a concrete patio illuminated by a powerful flood light. There oozing it's way out of the cinder block wall that separated our yard from our neighbors came a beach ball sized oily looking blob. I just stood there perplexed. But what came next was even stranger.

As soon as the blob was free of the wall it instantly turned into a crouching figure, jet black in colour, which instantly stood up and without hesitation started to walk towards the backdoor.

Now when I say jet black in colour that would be an understatement. This outline of a tall muscular man was so dark that even while standing fully in the beam of the floodlight it reflected no light at all. Nothing. Like a black void.

It took two or three steps and then in mid stride it stopped and turned to face directly towards me as if it had just noticed me standing there. It had no face, eyes or any distinguishing features. It was like a 3 dimensional black sillouhette.

With what I presume was a gesture of curiosity it cocked its head a little to the side and just stoid there staring back at me for a few moments. My heart began racing. Whatever this thing was it had me trapped as it stood between me and house.

Then it turned wand strode back to the wall, crouched down, transformed into that black blob and traveled through the wall again and into the shadows of my neighbors side yard. I darted as fast as I could toward the house passing by where the thing was just standing earlier and flew into the house slamming the door behind me.

So there you have it. Three spooky stories of encounters with the paranormal. Two of the stories are 100 percent true and one is a total fabrication. Can you guess which one was the lie in the comments below.

Also, as usual tell either three quick Paranormal stories you have experienced and make sure one of them is fake so that we can have fun trying to guess which one is the imposter. Alternatively, you can simply just write about a time you saw something unusual or unexplainable.

Thanks for playing along.

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Three cool stories and I'd like them all to be true, but am glad they happened to you not me, however one is not true and I'm going to call it blob guy. It would be pretty chilling to see blob guy turn and stare, facelessly at you...If it was true. I'm calling blob guy the fabricated story.

I can totally buy no-top guy and dead-worker guy though...It's not the first time I've heard stuff like that.

Hey @galenkp so out of the three stories the dead worker at my friend brents house is the fabrication. That being said his house was pretty creepy as it was because it had way too many windows. Floor to ceiling windows. I dunno but for some reason windows at night with no blinds freak me out. I often expect to see something standing in one of them looking back in.

The blob that turned into a jet black man with no features staring back at me was true. I get the feeling he was a weirded out by me staring back at him as i was of him. Maybe from his perspective i looked just like him.

I'm hot prone to hallucinations at least not while widely awake. I asked if maybe what i had was part of perhaps some sort of grand mal but doctors i talked to said it doesnt sound like it.

Maybe for a split second dimensions merged or something. Maybe it was just a shadow man like entity. My sister saw some weird stuff at that house too. Although its a house with a good history in a nice neighborhood in the middle of the city.

Go figure. It was definitely one of the weirdest things i ever saw though. Or at least its up there. I've seen a lot of weird things.

Wow, I was way wrong. Shadow blob man would have freaked me out dude. I wouldn't make a very good Ghostbuster I think.