Taking advantage of the weekend sun ☀️

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Hello everyone! welcome to a new post in this community where we share how we take advantage of the weekend.
I took advantage of the fact that the sun finally came out in Buenos Aires and I went to the plaza with my friend Agustina, we were chatting and laughing.


The square was quite crowded, some complying with the distance and using mouth covers, other people walking and exercising, the children playing.
It was a good moment



we of course use a mouth cover


When I got home I made a video call with my friend @calisto24 who told me that he is moving into his new house

At night we got together to celebrate the birthday of my cousin who lives downstairs,here is a photo with my mother


and that was it! I hope you have made the most of the weekend! a kiss and a hug. Heypuch

I took all the photos