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RE: TGIF : Arts and Food to Beat Writer's Block

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Hi there and welcome to the WEEKEND community! What a great post to start off with! There's some good tips to combat writers-block here; I get it too sometimes which people probably don't realise considering I write a post every day, mostly of over 1000 words...Still, it's there and I have a few ways to deal with it also. I like your walking one...I hike a lot and think during the process. If something comes to mind I put in a note in my phone or record a voice note that prompts me later. Tends to work.

Thanks for coming past and using the community. You might also like to have a go at this weeks #weekend-engagement topic too. 👇


Thanks for the welcome! :)

True, sometimes inspiration hits at odd timings like when I am driving too. Like I can fully compose the whole blog in my mind while driving but when I get in front of the laptop, there's nothing again. Whenever I can, I also try to record a voice note. I also have a pen and paper in the car. So whichever works. haha.

I'll sure head on to the engagement post, thanks!

I do that too, the post in my head then forget it thing. I hate it worse when I come up with a topic and bank it away in my noggin only to forget the whole thing later. Annoying.